Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Almost time for Christmas

Alright, so I've been a bit of a bad person when it comes to blogging, and I do apologize.

We're about 9 days away from Christmas. I still have some work to get done here, in terms of the shopping. Probably half of the gifts are purchased, or so. The other half I'm going to try and get on Friday and Monday, when, in theory, traffic should be down at the stores during the day. I did a lot of my shopping online last Friday night, while Julia was working on her finals (and thank goodness she's almost done!). I do enjoy online shopping, probably too much. I found a new program that helps search out how I can get the most frequent flyer miles at the lowest price on my credit card, as well. Dangerous, yes. But I kept things in check. Also, the Sam's Club membership was shockingly helpful! Good deals there compared to many of the brand name stores. Therefore, my Dad is getting a 20 pound jar of nuts.

Christmas is going to be a challenge this year, for certain. Julia is coming with me to all of my celebrations. That would be 3 within about 28 hours. First Mom on Christmas Eve. The Cations on Christmas morning. The Zims on Christmas evening. Champaign, to Rock Island, to Hinsdale. It is what it is.

Announcing has been going well, except for one slip up that I'm still rather upset at. At Sunday's game, I announced that a player for Western Michigan had made a basket. Unfortunately for me, and him, the ball had gone halfway down, before coming back out (TWSS?). I announced the name, and then someone near me said "Um...he missed." I thought they were joking. That bothers me. A lot. I don't like missing things like that. I know it happens, and it was bound to happen at some point, but dangit.

This past Monday night, I also had an opportunity to be a guest host/guest on the WCFN News at 7 with Dave Benton and Jennifer Ketchmark. Click Here to see some of the stuff I did.

So, I have another 14 daysish until I have to announce again. Once we get to the end of February, that's when things get crazy. I think at this point, I'm doing basketball, baseball, wrestling, tennis (es)...and any fill in work elsewhere. I'm thoroughly looking forward to a trip to Vegas in February to get my head straight, as I wont' have any time off here in the Christmas time to do it.

Any thoughts?