Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jill: don't read. This is a poker edition>

Summary for the month: PAIN.

Pretty bad month. Lots of swings, which means I've definitely opened up my range a bit, and am trying more things, more hands, more plays. Which, long term, is going to be good, I hope.

Overall: Down $3.16 for the month, to 190.93, although I did hit 200 during that time.
Stats: 113 sessions over 20 days, 5292 hands, 24 hours.
Down $.06/100 hands, -1.74BB/100, -$.13/hr, -3.85BB/hr.
5NL: up .87, to 21.74 for the year. That's 4.47BB/hr
2NL: down 4.03, to 63.49 for the year. That's 5.96BB/hr.

4 entered, 1 cash. 1 horrific beat in a blogging freeroll today.
Down -$.65 for the month.
The blogging free roll tournament today just hurt like hell. I had a full house, 10s over aces after the turn, and he hit an 8 on the river to give him aces over 8s. Win the hand, and I'm in the top 10, and looking at a freeroll for a cash. That would have been awesome. Top prize was 1K. Hell.

Also, I earned 127.20 VPPs, to give me 684 for the year. I will obviously hit 750 next month, to give me ten free dollars. Which is nice.

That's my poker blog.

I guess I should list my goals for the next month:
GET ABOVE 200 and stay there.
Make a commitment to try a couple of Quartermillion satellites. But I kind of want to be in the 210 range before I do that once a week.

That's all.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Things I would do if I made, let's say for the sake of this blog, 150K a year.

I do not make that much.

For some reason, people believe that because I announce for the Illinois basketball team, that I do.

I make far, far, far from that much.

OK, that being said, if I made 150K, here are the things that I would incorporate in to my life:

1) I would go to the doctor and have two things done. First, I would figure out this damned throat shelf thing. For those of you who don't know, the second year I was announcing bball, I had to go to the doctor for throat issues. It's really been a strange increasing production of phlegm, and now has developed in to a weird throat shelf where, every 2-3 weeks, a chunk of phlegm builds up. Disgusting, I know. It generally then shoots out when I clear my throat, or sneeze. Again, disgusting. Julia loves it. I would get this fixed. I do not have another thousand dollars plus to spend on it right now, however. Secondly, I would get an orthopedic surgeon to go in and work on both knees. I'm guessing that they both have enough scar tissue to line my throat, thus preventing my throat shelf thing

2) Trips to Vegas twice a year.

3) I would like to own a house some day. At the current rate of speed, that will happen when I turn 65. This is a fun goal. To retire in a house.
Not like a retirement house/home. Although that may be more likely...

4) I would like to actually put together a really fancy "man cave" type of a room (again, this would involve owning a home, or at least renting one that is big enough to allow for this type of construction). This would involve the following:
a) Two flat screen televisions
b) A poker table
c) At least one video game. Not a system, a video game. Or a pinball machine. I would prefer, however, Big Buck Hunter.
d) A couch that wraps around
e) A recliner
f) A huge desk with a computer with two screens. That way, I can play poker, and have access to other things.
g) A gigantic trophy case/book shelf type thing.

I think that would be a good start on that particular project.

5) Regular maintenance on my car. I slack on this wayyyyy too much, but you know what? Fuck, that's expensive.

6) I would like to attend more charity auctions, and bid on stuff. That seems like fun to talk trash to others who are bidding on wildly exorbinant things that you don't really need. Some day, I'll try it.

7) Before I turn 40, I would like to play in a WSOP event. I can't do that until I'm closer to earning 150K.

I think that's enough for today. I'm sure I could think of other things.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Allow me to complain for one moment...

I know, I know, I said I'd post yesterday. I was ultra productive yesterday, and also took time to relax, and just didn't take a picture of the dresser that I had conquered. Therefore, I forgot to blog. I will try to get that done tonight.

OK, so here is my complaint.

I informed our IT person early last week that my computer was on the verge of a painful death. She came in, and said she'd done some repairs. On Wednesday, I could tell it wasn't doing well. On Thursday, I was able to get one newscast written, and then it officially died. As in, no function. Bummer. I informed the IT people.

It is now Monday. I still have no computer at work, and have brought in my laptop in order for me to have something to do in my office.

I suppose I should be happy that I am just sitting here, but I know that Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be long days,


Lots of positives outside of that, though. Super duper excited that the football team won on Saturday. ESPN has their latest bowl projections out, and Illinois has a chance of playing in two different bowls in Texas. Considering that I'll be in Tulsa at the time,

Basketball season starts Friday.

Soccer team got a tie in Wisconsin. Would have liked a W, but at least I don't have to listen to my family get all uppity about the Badgers.

Other than that, a nice relaxing weekend. Pretty happy about that!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Even more sorry Jill....quick poker update....

Hit $200 today. Very, very pleased, after having worked very hard.

Also, Jill, your husband owes me one beverage.

That is all. I will have another update tomorrow, including a photo of the dresser that I conquered today.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sorry Jill...

Jill, from my favorite blog that 95% of you can't read because she won't let you, has told me that my last update was boring. I will attempt to be better.

Again, I am in a quest to think about next summer's vacation plans. We have a tentative thought process (I hesitate to use the word plan, because that implies formality, and we're way too far away to think about that) of doing Vegas to Dallas. As in, fly to Vegas, do a weekend with my brothers to celebrate their 21st, and then drive through Arizona to see some peeps, hit Albequerqe to see some of J's peeps, and then on to Dallas to see her fam. That would be a hell of a week, but I think a pretty fun one. If there is anything else that I'm missing, I'll be happy to listen to other ideas.

I'm doing Vegas in 2011 in some way, regardless. With all my talk of poker (Sorry, Jill), I have to get in a few tournaments, and some cash games. I feel I'm ready to at least give it a shot. Right?

Julia and I will also be attending the Illini games in New York City in November. This is extremely exciting for me, as I'll get to run through the bowels of Madison Square Garden. This is going to be spectacular. The only other thing I'll need to do before quitting is hit Wrigley Field once. That means I'll have the following major arenas under my belt:
Rose Bowl
Soldier Field
United Center
Kohl in Madison
RCA Dome
Edward Jones Dome

Well...that's a really short list, because I don't want to put a ton of time in to it right now. But that's pretty good.

Last weekend was extraordinarily busy for me. Two soccer games, a very long football experience, two birthday gatherings with family, work...I think from Thursday at 3 until Sunday at 4, I only was at home to sleep or eat. That was it. But it was a great experience all around. Had a great dinner with mom and J at Milo's, watched an Illini freshman score 4 goals on Friday, got up close and personal with Terrell Pryor's jock on Saturday, followed by watching Kool and at least 3 members of his OG gang put on a show with my Dad and co., and then another soccer game, which was witnessed by J, and the Cappas as well. Not bad. Lots of stuff!

Birthdays are definitely different nowadays. Just more appropriately a chance to celebrate the wonderful friends and family you have in your life.

Another way to tell you're old: Couples dinners. Weird, but fun.

Things that I have coming up in the next couple of weeks: A weekend (mostly) off. Midnight Madness. My Aunt Sue's wedding. A Crackmonkey party (to remember). Micki and Stacey's annual Halloween extravaganza. Yikes.

Also, I am regretting that I'm not going to be able to attend the wedding of my friends Amber and Matt in Chicago. The night before is Midnight Madness, and I have a game on the 16th as well. I guess that's the nature of my business, but it still sucks.

Had a nice conversation with the Postmaster General of Champaign today. Some of the local postmasters were upset with something that we reported last Thursday. Obviously, since it was a national story about the raising of postal rates, I had just copied and pasted something from the Associated Press. Unfortunately, it wasn't 100% accurate. So he wanted to come and explain what it actually was. It was probably the nicest complaint I've ever received, so I was happy about that. You'd be shocked at the number of people who call and are extremely nasty, because they didn't like the way something was reported, whether they're correct or not.

I think that is all for today.