Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Current poker update

On pokerstars, I continue to make slow and steady progress toward my goal of having $100 in my account by June. I got to 85 at one point last week, only to lose $4 in one day, most of it on one hand where I had pocket Aces, which, for those of you that don't know, is the best hand you can have pre-flop. That was a bummer.

I'm also really enjoying playing live with Tony and his vet friends. Mostly because of the fact that Tony has a couple of drinks, and so does everyone else, and I sit there stone sober, and watch them do some crazy things. For example, Tony took it upon himself this past weekend to fall out of his chair. Yet I couldn't quite take any of his money. Card dead.

Speaking of which, if anybody out there is thinking ahead for a nice birthday present for Mike Cation, Card Player magazine would be swell.

I'm also finding I really enjoy discussing hands as they come up. I wish I had a few more people to discuss them with.

After I move up upon reaching $100 in my account, I'd also love to try some other games on poker stars. I've already found some good videos about how to play pot-limit omaha and how to play 7 card stud, but I think it'll take some more time to really "get" those games. Especially when I won't get a lot of experience playing it live.
I also have to start thinking about when I can go up and play in Chicago sometime soon.

That's all on that front for now. My thoughts on the Illinois Marathon are upcoming tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jill doesn't think that was the best video ever.

and maybe I should not have used that superlative, but I thought it was fun.

Updates on life:

Contrary to what most people think, my life does not slow down because basketball announcing is done. In fact, late March to early May is the busiest time of the year for me, as I announce some basketball, baseball, tennis, and a soccer game. Some weeks, I have 5 or 6 events. That's tough to keep up with if you also have a real job. But it's good for my finances, which is important, I suppose. It's also tough to keep up with your girlfriend, who has 3 night classes.

Had an interesting experience after announcing the Ultimate Basketball Challenge, the fundraiser for the Wheelchair Basketball Programs at the U of I. During that event, I'm allowed to joke around a bit, make fun of some of the players, and the things that happen during the game. A nice woman came up to me afterwards and said, "I think you did such a great job! You made this event just wonderful and fun, and I was really laughing at some times! You should do the basketball games at the Assembly Hall!" I was stunned. I replied, "Actually, I do announce the basketball games at the Hall!"
Her reply: "But they're so boring!"

I explained that there are a lot of rules that the Big Ten enforces, and so I can't exactly make fun of players on the court. But it made me wonder what people expect me to do as the announcer.

Went up to Madison for the annual "On Wiscation" trip on Friday and Saturday. And while I had a spectacular time at the concert and Ella's for dinner, I have to admit...the highlight of Madison for me, every single time, is the farmer's market. Good night Irene. I bought 3 blocks of cheese. I'm pretty much done with one of them already. I got some beef sticks, some bison burger patties, and southwestern fiesta brats. And most importantly, I got a piece of GF chocolate chip cheesecake that I'm saving for May 1st at approximately 1PM.

Which leads me to my running update. Thanks to my personal trainer Amber Beef Nagele, I've managed to continue running through what she guesses is bursitis and patellar tendonitis. My knee continues to stay strong, and I ran 13 miles on Saturday night, even if it was slower than I'd like. I'm excited to be able to finish what will be my longest race ever, at 13.8 miles. (note: we're doing a marathon relay, and the 2 legs I'm running happen to be the longer 2 legs, 7 and 6.8)

I got to go to a Cubs game last week with Voss, Scot, and the Bav, and we sat and had a blast in the bleachers. I also got hit on by a nice 20-something who decided the appropriate pickup lines involved her asking me if I liked Tea Party rallies like the one she went to the week before. Now, obviously for those people who know me, that's not my cup of tea. But I went along with it for the comedy. When she told me that people only insult Sarah Palin because "they're intimidated by her", I was quite proud of myself for keeping it together, and just nodding, before turning to Alex and giggling.

Crackmonkey softball is back for what could be a final season. We won game number one on Sunday in very cold conditions, and true to form, I decided to try and dive, and bruised the hell out of me knee. SMRT. SMRT.

I think that's all for now. Announcing some baseball tonight, and then tennis over the weekend, including a visit from everyone's favorite coach at Michigan, Bruce Berque.

Monday, April 12, 2010