Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quick Update

Horrendous internet issues over the last two days.

What I can say that is I'm safely in Atlanta, having a blast. At the wedding tonight, I sat next to the parents of Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin on the Office. I definitely was geeked about that one. Asked way too many questions, for sure.

But I will have some picture updates, hopefully tomorrow. For anyone on facebook, for whatever reason, they uploaded there, but not here. I'll work on that.

And more details on the trip too.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


3 passes. The third was immediately lateraled to Jennifer Roscoe.

Thanks to WCIA for the highlights to remind me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I caught that.

I caught two passes from this man during a celebrity football game today, including one for a touchdown.

That's pretty neat, in the grand scheme of things.

We also raised eight thousand dollars for the Cunningham Children's Home. It's less than I was hoping for, but it means a million to the kids at that home, and I want to keep that in perspective.

That's all for now. I leave for vacation on Friday, and will likely blog from Tennessee on Friday.

Monday, June 16, 2008

In the summer, I tend to get bored.

It's especially true this summer, with my leg in a boot most of the time. But I need to have projects and different things to get done. Hilariously, during the "school year," I tend to feel overworked. So, I'm trying to do a better job this summer of giving myself various things to do. Running, obviously, would be a big one if I could, but in the meantime I'm:
-Blogging more
-Playing online poker
-Biking and working out.
-Yoga and Meditation
-Printing and organizing pictures.
-Planning my trips.
-Framing things.
-Selling things on ebay.
-Watching some old shows on DVD.
-Guitar Hero.
-Big projects at work.

Unfortunately, what I've ended up doing on many nights, and I really don't know why, is watching America's Funniest Home Videos. Why do I continue to watch America's Funniest Home Videos.

Tonight, though, I'm trying to organize my trip as well, get everything ready. I went today and purchased gas cards from Shell so that I would have it all set and ready to go ahead of time. I've also set up a nice itinerary and a couple of folders and a to do list before I go. There is a lot of stuff.
I also just realized tonight that I don't have anyone to take care of the kids. Someone should probably feed them.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


12 more days of work until I get to go on vacation.
I'm currently looking for things to do in the following cities:

Thank you.

Also, if you are a guy and are good at softball, I need you to play softball for my team on Sunday night. Thanks in Advance.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back in a boot.....

So, here it is, the big boot. It is tall, and a bit bulky, and it's taken a little bit of time to adjust to. But it's not all bad. The positives are that after two days, my leg honestly feels a lot better, and less achy. (Is that a word?) And obviously, it's also very fashionable. The drawbacks....well, it's bulky, and hard to drive with. But you take the good, you take the bad....And then you get Mrs. Garrett.
This was a very productive weekend. I helped Glenn move (which I did without the boot, because I didn't think that would be good for going up and down stairs), and other than that, I didn't do a damned thing. Perfect. I did play some poker online, and earned a couple of bucks. I put 6 things on ebay. I paid my bills. I vacuumed. I slept a lot. I organized. I put together a collage of all of my media credentials. In a frame! I know. I'll have to put a picture of that on here eventually. So, all in all, a fun weekend. And softball tonight.
(Yes, I know it is stupid to play softball with a broken leg. But who else is going to pitch?)

Other notes:
-Congratulations to Tony and Jill (stuckinchambana) on welcoming Macy in to the world. I'm secretly hoping they'll come out to the softball game tonight so we can see her, but it might be a little too soon to bring Macy in to the CrackMonkey world, yet. Lots of swearing and drinking. Better give her another week.
-Congratulations to tehRyan (stank) on his marriage yesterday. And more congratulations for being able to keep it relatively quiet for 8 months.
-I have yet to try out medium on Guitar Hero. I think I'm nervous.
-This week, i am planning on trying out a new/old gym. I get my membership to the Fitness Center in the morning. I'm hoping that with some more space, I'll do OK. I wish the ten dollar place had expanded. Jerks.
-In 3 months, Leigh is getting married. Weird.
-Congrats also to my brothers on their high school graduation. It gets just more and more flummoxing to think they're going to be at Eastern in a couple months.
-I go on vacation in 3 weeks. I'm very, very excited about it.
That's all for now.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

It boggles my mind

at how poorly I fall asleep on the weekends. It's like I try to make up for the fact that I don't get to sleep much during the week by staying up as late as I possibly can on the weekends, and sleeping way too late.


Fun night out with the Monkeys tonight. Listening to Glenn critique fashion for over an hour is absolutely mindboggling.