Monday, December 6, 2010

Some random musings:

I like snow. I really do. I don't mind cold temperatures, either. Honestly, I enjoy the bundling up, and the different activities that winter brings.

All bets are off, however, on or about February 20th. That's when I get sick of it.

Finally have gotten in to Mad Men. Yeah, it's that good. Julia is ahead of me now, and can't stop watching it to let me catch up. Jerk.

Illinois is going to a Bowl Game. It is the Texas Bowl. I think if you had told me that this team was going to go to a bowl at the beginning of the year, I would have said yes, no question. If you had told me when they were 5-3 that it was going to be the Texas Bowl, I'd have said, noooooooo!
But let's go to consecutive bowls, maybe even 4 or 5, and then we can start being picky about which bowl it is. K?

Re: The Walking Dead. I hate zombie or most horror films/shows. But Glenn told me that this was a 6 episode dealie, so I figured I could invest six hours in what was supposed to be a really well made show.
Well, it is a well made show. So much so that it officially gave me my first zombie nightmare last night. Dammit Glenn. I hate you more than anything. So, instead of being up since 3:30 like normal, today I've been up since 2:30. I HATE YOU GLENN WESTFIELD.

Julia's 30th was this past week. Thanks to all of the wonderful peeps who sent cards, or came out on Saturday for a bit. It was nice.

County Market has added gluten free oatmeal to their selection. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quick poker stats for November

Up $1.78. Overall bankroll after November at 200.51.

I did not get to play as much as I'd hoped.
57 sessions, 3818 hands, 11 days, 15.5 hours. That's down significantly.

.05/100 hands.
.46BB/100 (need this to get higher)

At 5nl, up 1.79 for the month to 23.53 for the year.
At 2nl, down 0.01 for the month to 63.49 for the year.

I hit my bonus, and got 10 bucks from pokerstars. Happy about that.

Still treading water too much. I know that this month, I felt I got my money all in good a LOT. For example, yesterday, twice, I was all in and a heavy favorite, only to lose. I found that happening more than me sucking out.

I'm starting to wonder if I'm overthinking myself in 2NL, and just need to be extremely simple. It might be that basic. If so, expect big things in December.

I want to hit 225 this month. I can do this.