Monday, April 25, 2011

Life has been a little hectic.

So, I moved. That's one thing. Julia and I have a house...which is nice, except for the fact that so far, we've dealt with the following:
1) lack of water
2) sewage coming through a toilet
3) uncleaned rooms
4) a plethora of dead bugs in her studio
5) Cats who are all pissed.

It's been tricky. I also fell down the stairs on Sunday, and may have torn something slightly in my left shoulder. Rough week. But we're getting through, and it's on to the next one.

I also have lots of thoughts about the Department of Justice and FBI seizing the domains of the 3 major poker sites. Fuck that. Excuse my language, but of all the things to worry about, you worry about that? These are companies that have been working hard to become legal so that the US can get a part of the profits...yes, while they increase their profits, but it would potentially mean BILLIONS to the government. And the FBI and DOJ step in? Ridiculous.
Regardless, it has made things much more difficult for me in terms of working on my hobby. Tony has found a site for us to play on, though, and we're working on getting some cash on there. Will keep you updated.

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