Sunday, June 26, 2011

Housewarming in the books

Had a nice little get together for a few friends and family last night. Very thankful that Dad and Steve could make it from Lombard, and Leigh from...well, wherever she is nowadays. The thing about parties like that, you're never able to spend enough time with everyone. So to my friends and family that were able to come, I'm sorry I didn't get to spend time with you. But I'm quite appreciative that you could make it.

Why do I like Ke$ha?
That's messed up.

Vegas was, as always, fun. So wonderful to see the Satki, and Walls. Spent a ton of time with LouLou Daschler, which was also enjoyable. And seeing my brothers in a more fun and relaxed was good. My biggest disappointment, which should be no surprise to anyone, was not being able to play more poker. Ultimately, however, poker pails in comparison to getting a chance to see people you don't get to see very often. So I'll take that.

Upcoming for me: Trip to Minocqua this weekend to see the grandparents, and then a *gasp* cruise in August. It terrifies me. I'm sure one of the two things will happen:
1) Some sort of listeria type illness.
2) We will sink.

3) Vomitorium.

But I'll battle through. Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.


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Tony said...

The Cappas enjoyed the festivities. Thanks for putting up with Macy and her craziness.